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VW Golf 1 Convertible 1989

Données techniques
  • Car: Golf 1 Convertible GTI Quartett Edition

  • Colour: blue

  • Engine: 4 cylinder inline engine

  • Gearbox: manual gearbox 5 gears

  • Type of drive: Front-wheel drive

  • Fuel: petrol

  • Power: 110 PS

  • Displacement: 1.781 cm³

  • Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 11 s

  • Top speed: 166 km/h

  • Boot capacity: 220 litres

  • Body: 2 doors, 5 seats, soft top

Description de la voiture

1. Condition and History:

This 1989 Volkswagen Golf 1 Convertible is in stunning original condition, reflecting the history of this legendary model. Its history is a journey into the beginnings of compact convertibles.

2. Exterior Appearance:

The distinctive paintwork in a timeless blue gives this Golf 1 Convertible a nostalgic elegance. The paint condition is excellent and the glossy finish is reminiscent of the early days of the Golf range.

3. Interior and Equipment:

The interior seats four people and is furnished in classic fabric that exudes the charm of days gone by. The features are simple and functional, which puts the focus on the pure driving experience.

4. Special Features:

This Golf 1 Convertible represents a historic period of compact convertible design. Its distinctive soft top and clean lines are unmistakable features that have gone down in automotive history.

5. Personal Notes or Anecdotes:

During a drive in this Golf 1 Convertible, I was able to fully enjoy the simplicity and fun of driving in the 1980s.  The windswept roads and timeless design of the car created an unforgettable driving experience that reminded me of the joy of driving. This Golf 1 Convertible is not just a car, but a piece of nostalgia on wheels.

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