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Land Rover Series 3

Données techniques
  • Vehicle: Land Rover Series 3

  • Colour: beige

  • Engine: 4 cylinder in-line V8

  • Gearbox: Manual gearbox 4 gears

  • Drive type: All-wheel drive

  • Fuel: Diesel

  • Power: 62 hp

  • Displacement: 2,286 cm³

  • Top speed: 101 km/h

  • Body: Convertible, 3 doors, 6 seats

Description de la voiture

1. Condition and History:

This Land Rover Series 3 Convertible from 1979 presents itself in a lovingly restored condition. Its history goes back deep into the era of robust off-road vehicles that epitomise the spirit of adventure and reliability.

2. Exterior appearance:

The Land Rover presents itself in a timeless beige colour that emphasises its striking silhouette. The paintwork is in excellent condition and the patina tells stories of expeditions and unforgettable journeys.

3. Interior and Equipment:

The interior offers generous space for six adventurers and features hard-wearing black leather that emphasises the rustic character of the vehicle. The equipment is functional and focussed on the essentials.

4. Special Features:

This Land Rover Series 3 Convertible is a historic model with an unmistakable design. Its open top and distinctive front end are timeless features that epitomise the spirit of adventure and freedom.

5. Personal Notes or Anecdotes:

While travelling through challenging terrain in this Land Rover, I found not only a reliable companion, but also the joy of exploring off the beaten track. The memories of endless horizons and shared adventures make this Land Rover a part of my own story.

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