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Mercedes E320 Cabriolet

Technical data
  • Vehicle: Mercedes E320 Cabriolet Sportline w124

  • Color: Almadin red metallic

  • Engine: M104 E 32 6 cylinder in-line

  • Gearbox: Automatic/5 gears

  • Drive type: Rear-wheel drive

  • Fuel: Petrol

  • Power: 220 hp

  • Displacement: 3,199 cm³

  • Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 8.5 s

  • Top speed: 230 km/h

  • Boot capacity: 300 litres

  • Body: 2 doors, 4 seats, soft top

Car description

1. Condition and History:

This Mercedes E320 Cabrio Sportline w124 presents itself in immaculate original condition. Its history is characterised by attention to detail and careful care, making it a true gem of automotive history.

2. Exterior Appearance:

The striking Almadine Red Metallic colour lends this convertible a timeless elegance. The paintwork is in excellent condition and the metallic finish emphasises the dynamic lines of the Mercedes.

3. Interior and Equipment:

The interior offers space for four people and features high-quality leather that emphasises the sporty character of the vehicle. The Sportline equipment includes features that combine driving pleasure and comfort at the highest level.

4. Special Features:

The Mercedes E320 Cabrio Sportline w124 is not just a convertible, but a symbol of luxurious performance. Its sporty chassis and timeless design elements are historic features that make the w124 a legend.

5. Personal Notes or Anecdotes:

A drive through picturesque landscapes in this Mercedes E320 not only covered kilometres, but also created memories. The combination of the powerful V6 engine and the open sky above me made every journey an unforgettable experience. This car not only embodies the aesthetics of the 90s, but also the fascination of open-top driving.

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